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Taking Care of Home

USAFA Way of Life Alumni Group

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Register for the 60th Celebration!

Join us for the 60th Anniversary of the First African-American Graduates from the United States Air Force Academy. Don't miss out! Register today!


About Us

USAFA Way of Life (WOL) is an independent non-profit organization encompassing a community of Black Graduates from the United States Air Force Academy and U. S. Air Force Servicemen. 


Our Mission

WOL’s Primary focus is to increase the pool of qualified minority cadets and to provide counsel to its cadets and graduates. WOL places special emphasis on diversity and ensuring the success of future USAFA cadets, current USAFA cadets, and its graduates.


Recent News

Stay up to date on the latest announcements, updates, events, and happenings affecting the Way of Life Alumni Group, Cadets, and Community Members. 

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